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Adrianne Palicki talks ‘FNL’ and ‘About A Boy’

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series Official Trailer

Sneak Peek at G.I Joe Retaliation

Adrianne looks amazing (as usual) as she gives a exclusive sneak peek at G.I Joe Retaliation on Blu-Ray and DVD.

You don’t just “become” a ninja, you have to work your ass off. And that’s what Ray Park did for G.I. Joe: Retaliation, learning new weapons to bring film’s epic, silent “Monastery” sequence to life. In this CraveOnline Exclusive behind the scenes preview of the G.I. Joe: Retaliation Blu-ray, Ray Park (“Darth Maul” from Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace) shows off his sais and explains the thought process that went into Snake Eyes’ big brawl with his arch-nemesis, Stormshadow

Video & News: Coffee Time Trailer Debuts

It revolves around three budies who lounge at the titular coffee shop every time they want. One of them, Will who is a website manager, even considers the cafe as his office.

When the owners of the shop discuss plans to convert Coffee Town into a bar, Will fears that he’ll lose his office and a chance to meet a girl whom he has been courting. In an attempt to save his freeloading existence, Will enlists the help of his two best friends Chad and Gino to stage a robbery to create the illusion of an unsafe neighborhood not suitable for the proposed venue.

The comedy film is the first theatrical movie by the famous comedy website, CollegeHumor, and marks Brad Copeland’s directorial debut. Glenn Howerton, Steve Little and Ben Schwartz star as the three best buddies. Adrianne Palicki is cast as Becca, Will’s love interest, and Josh Groban plays a disgruntled barista with delusions of grandeur-he wants to be a rock star.


G.I. Joe Retaliation Trailer

Sorry for taking so long to post this, I was on a personal hiatus. Below you can view the trailer for the new G.I. Joe movie and we get to see Adrianne kicking ass, holding a gun and looking mighty sexy in a red dress.

9 minute elektra luxx preview!

Below is a 9 minute preview of the movie so get a taste of what you can expect from the movie!

Wonder Woman 6 second teaser

Now there’s a short teaser for the David E. Kelley show (and I mean SHORT), because there is still hope that another network (may I suggest The CW) might want to give it a shot. The series features (featured) Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince, Elizabeth Hurley as the baddie, and Cary Elwes as the hapless CEO of Prince’s Themyscira Industries.

The tease is literally six seconds long, featuring a brief glimpse of both a fiercely walking Wonder Woman and the potential logo for the series. It’s not exactly the kind of thing that would inspire a network to send a dump-truck of cash to Kelley’s door, but perhaps it can at least spark some more (and positive) buzz? We’ll see. Take a look, tell us what you think.


“Elektra Luxx” Trailer

The trailer for “Elektra Luxx” has just been released! The movie will be released on March 11, 2011.

‘Lone Star’s’ Adrianne Palicki: ‘I’ve never read anything like this’

“Lone Star” is the new drama from FOX where Robert/Bob Allen (James Wolk) is a con man leading a double life in Texas oil country. His wealthy Houston wife is Cat Thatcher, played by “Friday Night Lights” alum Adrianne Palicki, who tells Zap2it she’s excited to play someone her own age for once.

“I’ve never played a character that was my age,” laughs Palicki. “She comes from the right side of the tracks, which I’m also used to playing the opposite. She has a 7-year-old daughter. She just really interested me in those respects. And the script itself … I’ve never read anything like this. The scripts just keep getting better and better.”

Part of her wealthy upbringing means Cat isn’t used to working very hard, which is something she admires in her husband Bob.

“She sees in Bob the things that were lacking in her past relationships,” says Palicki. “She also sees somebody who is so different from the world she grew up in, which is somebody who is working from the bottom up. He doesn’t come from society, he doesn’t have money and she loves that about him.”

But something she may not love about Bob is that he has another family 500 miles away in the small town of Midland, TX, which includes another wife named Lindsay (Eloise Mumford). Cat probably would not want to meet Lindsay, but as an actress, Palicki has another opinion about if the wives were to meet.

“I think it would be fantastic,” she says. “It’s about how it’s done and I actually do think it will happen. I think it’ll be something for the audience to just really [gasp] ‘Oh my god!’ … I think those moments are what make good television.”

Palicki also teases some upcoming tension between the three children of the Thatcher family. Cat has two very different brothers in the older, more responsible Tram (Mark Deklin) and younger playboy Drew (Bryce Johnson).

“Tram kind of gets his nose bent out of joint. They have a lot of animosity because Clint (Jon Voight) really would like her to take over the family business and she really wants nothing to do with it,” says Palicki.

“And then there’s Drew,” she continues. “Their mother died years back and she’s really taken over the mother role in the household. She overcompensates for Drew, which you’ll see in further episodes. He gets into some trouble and she’s constantly enabling him.”

“Lone Star” premieres Monday (Sept. 20) at 9 p.m. ET on FOX.


“Self” Interview

James Wolk may play the lead on FOX’s soapy drama Lone Star, but equally compelling are his two loves, played by Adrianne Palicki and Eloise Mumford. We got to know their characters when the stars stopped by SELF.

Set in Texas, Lone Star is the story of “Bob Allen” (Wolk”), a con man who has built two separate lives for himself–in Houston, he’s married to Cat (Palicki), the daughter of an oil scion who he plans to clean out; in Midland, he lives with his girlfriend Lindsay (Mumford) while trying to swindle local investors.

Since it’s SELF, we couldn’t let these two gorgeous actresses walk out without telling us how they look so good. Not surprisingly, they told us they spent a lot of time working out together.
“We walked a lot while filming the pilot in Dallas,” said Palicki. “Most days, I walked six miles at leas!”

“I’m a big outdoors fan,” said Mumford, who just spent a month at home in Olympia, WA, kayaking, hiking, climbing and running. “There’s this really cool trail in Dallas called the Katy Trail that runs through the middle of the city. It’s really fun.”

Added Palicki, “I’ve been doing Zumba. It’s such a fun way to work out–I’m drenched after an hour of doing it. And it’s so much more fun with a friend!”


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