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Adrianne Palicki is a guest on a new episode of the podcast, “Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum.” Check it out below!

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Great news! SAG-AFTRA have reached a tentative agreement with the AMPTP. This means that actors are able to resume their work filming projects for television, commercials, and movies. Congratulations to the members of SAG-AFTRA on their new contract!


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This Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, the fabulous Dragon Con returns to full glory, post-pandemic style. At its recent pre-pandemic peak in 2019, it boasted over 85,000 known and documented attendees.

Dragon Con is the internationally known pop culture convention held each Labor Day in Atlanta. It is organized for fans by fans, featuring more than 3,500 hours of comics, film, television, costuming, art, music, and gaming over five days, Thursday through Monday. For more information, please visit www.dragoncon.org.

With the Writers Guild, Directors Guild, and SAG-AFTRA labor disputes, and the delays and postponements of various projects, conventions aren’t be the same this year. Specifically, for the film and TV artists that fans clamor to see, the strikes mean that they are prohibited from even discussing their films and TV work or selling photos from their shows. Thus, the actors and actresses are there basically on their own, not as the promotional entities promulgated by a corporation, and can talk about anything they want to, except those pesky TV shows and films.

This year’s featured film and television guests include Omid Abtahi, Sean Astin, Paul Bettany, Bruce Boxleitner, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Tom Cavanagh, Claudia Christian, Emily Coutts, Wilson Cruz, Henry Ian Cusick, Grey DeLisle, Lucien Dodge, Colin Ferguson, Quincy Fouse, Gil Gerard, Lauren German, Mandip Gill, Celia Rose Gooding, Erin Gray, Neil Grayston, Scott Grimes, Yaya Han, Richard Harmon, Marcus Harvey, Willa Holland, Ryan Hurst, Mark Jackson, Gary Jones, Omri Katz, Marty Krofft, Maurice LaMarche, Phil LaMarr, Caity Lotz, Sean Maher, Nicole Maines, Lee Majors, Jason Marsden, Eddie McClintock, Paul McGillion, Katherine McNamara, Colby Minifie, Nathan Mitchell, Bob Morley, Anson Mount, David Nykl, Katy O’Brian, Adrianne Palicki, Khary Payton, Ethan Peck, Billie Piper, Freddie Prinze Jr., Ed Quinn, Jesse Rath, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Matt Ryan, Tracy Scoggins, Andy Serkis, Jewel Staite, George Takei, Eliza Taylor, Tasya Teles, Tasya Teles, Adam Tsekhman, Gina Torres, Carlos Valdes, Lindsay Wagner, Garrett Wang, Billy West, Elijah Wood, and DB Woodside.

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Hey everyone! We have a brand new layout here at Adrianne Palicki Fan designed and coded by my amazing friend, Claudia at Never Enough Design! Make sure you refresh your browser to see the new look.

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Adrianne Palicki Fan supports the SAG-AFTRA strike.

The nearly 160,000 members of SAG-AFTRA, the union that represents all performers on film and television, are going on strike.

On Thursday, the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) announced its national board voted unanimously to launch the guild’s first strike. The news was unveiled by SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher and National Executive Director & Chief Negotiator Duncan Crabtree-Ireland during a press conference, following the expiration of the union’s current contract and a 12-day extension of contract negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Pictures and Television Producers (AMPTP).

Why are the actors going on strike?
The short answer is because the SAG-AFTRA bargaining committee and AMPTP could not reach an agreement to form a new contract after their previous one expired on June 30.

But the reasons for a strike are many. SAG-AFTRA has faced a host of radical changes as the industry has pivoted away from more traditional models of theatrical distribution and network and cable television in favor of streaming. The issues at hand include the use of AI in generating and perpetuating actors’ likenesses, as well as residuals and data transparency for streaming projects. Other points of conflict are also salaries, particularly for guest stars, costars, and background actors, as rising inflation and the cost of living increasingly prevent many working actors from earning a living wage.

Drescher summed up the reasons for a strike in a press conference speech. “We are being victimized by a very greedy entity. I am shocked by the way the people that we have been in business with are treating us,” she said. “I cannot believe it, quite frankly. How far apart we are on so many things. How they plead poverty, that they’re losing money left and right while giving hundreds and millions of dollars to their CEOS. It is disgusting. Shame on them. They stand on the wrong side of history at this very moment.”

She continued: “The entire business model has been changed by streaming, digital, AI. This is a moment of history that is a moment of truth. If we don’t stand tall right now, we are going to be in trouble. We are all going to be in jeopardy of being replaced by machines and big business, who cares more about wall street than you and your family.”


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Actor Adrianne Palicki is one of that select group of actors who has had a foot in both the Marvel and DC universes onscreen. While her DC adventures did not work out so well – she played the title character in an unsold Wonder Woman pilot for NBC and appeared as a villain in an (also unsold) Aquaman pilot for The CW – her time with Marvel was more successful.

Palicki played agent Bobbi Morse, aka Mockingbird, for most of two seasons on Marvel’s ABC-TV series Agents of SHIELD, appearing in 31 episodes between 2014 and 2016 alongside team partner and ex-husband Lance Hunter (Nick Blood). Morse and Hunter were such a popular part of the ensemble that Marvel TV decided to spin them off at the end of Season 3 into their own series.

However, while a pilot for that show, Marvel’s Most Wanted, was shot, the fledgling series was not picked up as ABC scaled back its Marvel broadcast content and Marvel TV itself pivoted to streaming series like Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

While Morse is technically still out there in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (AoS’s connections to the film universe became more tenuous as the show went on, but were still legit, while her Agent 19 alias has been transplanted to Linda Cardellini’s Laura Barton), Palicki tells Den of Geek that there are other characters she would love to play in the MCU if she had the chance.

“The only one that I haven’t played that’s on my bucket list is Rogue,” she reveals. “I would love to play Rogue, or Jean Grey. I want to be one of the X-Men.”

Palicki’s wish is not beyond the realm of possibility: Marvel has cast actors in different roles in the MCU before (see: Gemma Chan, Kenneth Choi, Mahershala Ali) and enough time will have passed since Palicki’s AoS stint before Marvel Studios gets the mutant corner of the MCU fully up and running.

In the meantime, however, Palicki has nothing but fond memories of her time as part of the AoS world. “I loved working on that,” she says. “I mean, it was hard. We had three units going at all times. We’d have the main unit, we’d have a second unit shooting the action stuff, and we’d have the third unit, which is usually on the eighth day, starting the next episode. So all of us would be jumping from one thing to the next, to another episode, to another fight scene, to whatever.”

Palicki says that she remains close friends with Nick Blood, Ming-Na Wen (Agent Melinda May) and Henry Simmons (Agent Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie), and that while the show was “a lot of work,” it was also “really fun and surreal” to be part of it. She adds that plans were already afoot for a bigger role for Bobbi Morse when she came aboard.

“I’d entered the show knowing that it was going to either transition to a series or was going to go into the films, so that was already kind of in play,” she says now. “That moment in the bar, when we say goodbye to Mack, is still like, I think, one of the best moments of that show just because the love that’s with those three characters is so much and you really feel the loss of those characters.”

Morse and Hunter were disavowed by SHIELD at the end of Season 3, sending the sparring one-time romantic partners on the run and ostensibly into their own show. But while Marvel’s Most Wanted advanced to the pilot stage, it never got picked up as a series.

“Most Wanted was really good,” Palicki says wistfully. “It was really good. I just think that at the time, they didn’t want to bring any more Marvel shows on that network. So it’s too bad because I think it would have really done well.” [Agent Carter was also on ABC around the same time.]

Palicki says that had Most Wanted gone to series, it would have had a different tone that the sometimes-uneasy mix of spy intrigue and sci-fi shenanigans offered by AoS. “It was very different,” she reveals. “It was just these two people. It kind of had this Bonnie and Clyde feel to it, with their comedy sensibility, and just boom, boom, boom action. But it felt like it was more in our universe, as opposed to the sci-fi universe of things. It was a little bit more grounded in human nature.”

Although Palicki and the Most Wanted team were disappointed that the show was not picked up (“We were all just so bummed — we really thought that was a shoo-in”), she’s adamant that she’d jump back into Bobbi Morse’s gear in a heartbeat if she got the call – or if her X-Men dreams don’t work out.

“I would love to put on that costume again,” Palicki says. “I loved playing Bobbi Morse. I loved everything about that character. She embodied all the things: She was comedy. She was drama. She was action. She had it all. She’s a really fun character, and I would love, love, love to play her again.”

Source: Den of Geek

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Check out this new interview with Adrianne Palicki from JoBlo.com via YouTube!

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There are now 58 images of Adrianne Palicki from the screening of Quasi in Nashville and the premiere of the film in Los Angeles!

Adrianne Palicki Fan Adrianne Palicki Fan Adrianne Palicki Fan Adrianne Palicki Fan 

Gallery Links:

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Last week, the resident film critic of SoBros Network, Brandon Vick, and I had the honor and privilege of sitting down with Jay Chandrasekhar, Adrianne Palicki, and Eric Stolhanske to talk about their new movie Quasi, the latest effort from comedy troupe extraordinaire, Broken Lizard. Check out the highlights from Brandon’s interview below, and fire up Quasi on Hulu as soon as humanly possible.

Brandon: I have a question for you, Adrianne. You’ve worked with some brilliant comedic minds between Seth MacFarlane on The Orville and, of course, Broken Lizard on Quasi. What did you enjoy the most about working with them? How does it compare to the more dramatic stuff that you’ve done? They always say comedy is way harder than drama.
Adrianne: It can be, for sure. The difference is The Orville is much more structured. This felt in a lot of ways like Friday Night Lights in the sense that there are freedoms that happen and you have to use your instincts. These guys made me feel comfortable enough to use my instincts, and to improv. It felt freeing and fun. So, they’re two different kinds of comedy. But, working with them (BL) was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. Being on that set is one of the funnest places to be, and you guys (looks at Eric and Jay) are like brothers…it’s just so fun to be apart of.

Brandon: As far as Broken Lizard goes, how has your creative process evolved since the early days? Has it ever been a goal of yours to keep engaging with the younger generations?
Jay: We don’t write for other people. We write only for ourselves…under the idea that we are like other people, and that if we think it’s funny, there’s probably a group of other people out there who also think it’s funny. It’s all you really can do in comedy and in music. You could attempt to try to appeal to some people, but that’s just not our way.

In terms of the youngsters, when I do stand-up shows, I feel like there’s a lot of youngsters out there, and I think what they’re responding to is that we’re willing to make jokes that not everyone is wiling to make in a certain way that has not gotten us canceled yet. Sometimes, the studio’s like “I don’t think we can make that joke,” and I’m like “I’ll say it, and then it’ll be my face on it, and then when they come for you guys, put me out there with a mic and I’ll defend the joke.” They say “alright,” and we do the joke! So far, nobody’s come after us.

I feel like we’re lucky in that our films like Super Troopers and Beerfest, and I think hopefully this one (Quasi) will be that too….we’ve got a certain rhythm that seems to be appealing to different age groups.

Brandon: The Slammin’ Salmon was 2009, and then we waited about 10 years before Super Troopers 2 in 2018. It was another five years before Quasi – my logical conclusion here is that you guys have gotten sick of each other….
Jay: No. I think our output is going to increase over the next five or so years. We’ve got a good thing going with Searchlight in that we make them money and then they get to spend that money on their artsy stuff. So, we’re sort of their clown.

Eric: Things just take so long. If we pitch an idea, we want to make it great, so we spend a year writing it. A whole year goes by when you’re trying to make 20-30 drafts. Then, even if you finish shooting, sometimes they need a marketing target down the road. So, another year could go by when you’re waiting with a film in the can.

Adrianne: It was a year and a half since we wrapped.

Eric: Yeah, and it’s been done for a while! Time goes by.

Jay: Yeah, and they only want to release our movies on 4/20! So, we have to have a movie ready by then or else we have to wait another year.

Read the entire interview at SoBros Network.

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When it comes to being a badass, Adrienne Palicki has that down. Thanks to roles in movies such as G.I. Joe: Retaliation and John Wick, then TV shows like Agents of SHIELD, the actor showed the world that she can hold her own when it comes to action. At one point, she was even meant to be the next Wonder Woman for David E. Kelly. Her stint in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and other roles showed off some of her comedic chops, but it was The Orville that showed off her full-range abilities.

However, for her latest project Quasi, Palicki entered a whole different level of comedy that she hasn’t necessarily dabbled in before. But you wouldn’t necessarily know that as she blended in with fan-favorite comedy troupe Broken Lizard pretty well. Ahead of the debut of the new film from the creators of Super Troopers and Beerfest, we got to speak with the star about her approach to this upcoming Hulu movie, participating in her first sex scene, and the future of some of her favorite characters that could make a comeback in the future.

Thanks to roles like Commander Kelly Grayson and Agent Bobbi Morse, action/comedy is very much in your wheelhouse. But your character in Quasi leans a bit more to the comedy side. What did you do differently to approach and prepare for each of those roles, if anything?
Comedy is tricky because it’s all about timing, but it’s also about listening. And this [project] is pretty broad. I think a lot of it was the comfortability that those guys brought that made me feel so confident and comfortable to riff [and] to improv with them. [To say] this would be funny here or I think she’d do this here really helped me fall into that character and be in the moment. Improv comedy is about being in the moment, so you really can’t prepare for it. You just have to allow yourself to feel confident enough to say something if it comes to your head.

How nerve-wracking or intimidating was it for you to jump into the mix with Broken Lizard?
Definitely. I’m going into this comedy troupe and they’ve known each other forever. I mean, literally. I can’t believe they offered it to me. But then I got on Zoom with [Steve] Lemme and [Kevin] Heffernan. Lemme insulted me immediately about my last name. I just gave it right back to him without skipping a beat. And [Heffernan] was like, “This is going to be fun.” We had that vibe. They all made me feel like I’d been with them the whole time as well. I didn’t feel like an outsider for a second.

After seeing all of their blooper reels over the years, it’s hard to imagine keeping a straight face while working with Broken Lizard. How did you manage it? And do you recall any favorite bloopers from Quasi that stood out?
I mean, there were a lot. The best breaks were when an improv would happen and the guys would break because they’d think it was so funny. They’d have to go back and redo it. The day with the horses for me was definitely it as far as bloopers go. Working with animals, you never know what’s going to happen. There’s one point where the horse is taking a crap behind my back as I’m in the midst of saying something serious. Or it starts nudging me in the head in the background. There were just so many different ones. I mean, I broke all the time because watching them is hilarious.

I can only imagine. It’s like a badge of honor to work with them and get through takes with a straight face.
It is. And [it’s great] to watch the process. Pre-shooting, there were tons of table reads because with comedy you have to have that feeling, you know what I mean? The beats and the moments. They would come up with better jokes, so every time the script changed, we had another table read to see if it worked out loud. So to see their process and then eventually feel comfortable enough to even say, “Oh, but this would be funny here or that would be funny there.” That also kind of made me feel really comfortable, like one of the guys.

Read the full interview at Geek Anything.