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Character: Kara / Lindsay Harrison

Created by: Alfred Gough, Miles Millar

Directed by: Greg Beeman

Written by: Alfred Gough, Todd Slavkin, Miles Millar, Darren Swimmer

Produced by: Bob Hargrove

Cast Members: Tom Welling, Kristin Kreukm Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack, John Glover

Released date: May 19, 2014

Episode(s) Number: 3x22

Episode(s) Title: "Covenant"

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Romance

Duration: 43min

At the Kent farm, Clark Kent is surprised in the middle of the night by a naked young woman claiming that she is Kara from Krypton, and asking him to go with her somewhere through the Kawatche caves to be "re-born" with the spirit of Jor-El. Kara also forces Jonathan to reveal the secret deal he made with Jor-El at the beginning of the season. Meanwhile, Clark decides to testify against Lionel to keep him in prison. Lionel sends a key of the secret chamber in the Luthor Mansion to Clark where he finally discovers the reason for the last three years of Lex's personal investigation of him, and he ends his friendship with Lex. Agent Loder continues investigating Clark's origins, until Kara finds him eavesdropping on the Kents and she eliminates Loder for good. Also, Lana leaves for Paris and Chloe and her father are included in the witness protection program. Events come full circle as Jonathan unsuccessfully tries to stop Clark from traveling through a dimensional gateway in the cave wall, Martha observes a Kryoptonia symbol that appears in a open field, Lex is alone in the mansion when he had a drink of brandy which is poisoned, Chloe and her father arrive at a FBI safe house... which explodes with them still inside, and Lionel accepts his new look in prison, but satisfied knowing that his revenge against all those involved with his incarceration has been accomplished.


  • First appearance of Kara. Kara is also known in the world of comics as Kara Zor-El who is also known as Supergirl.

Character’s Quotes

  • This is just the beginning, Kal-El. You have no idea how powerful you’ll become.
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