Character: Jessica Geiger
Created by: Mark Reisman
Directed by: Andy Cadiff
Written by: Mark Reisman (creator), Jim Bernstein
Other cast: Andy Richter, Rebecca Creskoff, Johnny Lewis
Premiere date: September 15, 2004
Episodes: episode 1x10
Episode title: Love, Lies and Lullabies
Genre: Comedy

Penny decides to have a live science project: manipulating the dumbest kid in class, popular sister Paige, who normally depends on nerds to do all the work for her, to construct a cool hemoglobin molecule model. Cool big brother Parker gets disappointed twice in a row: first hot new girl Jessica Geiger shows no interest whatsoever in the hunk but takes instantly to kid brother Patton, then Alayna continues to play him against weird brother Pearce, so they team up for a science project, the human battery, using Parker's body to take the shocks, and again, after his iPod was dismantled for parts to construct a lie detector, to test it. Mother volunteers in a seniors home 'to give something back', dad decides raising quintuplets is enough merit to society, in fact he deserves a plaque for it. Patton finds out why Jessica likes him, and it's none of his qualities. Nerd Eric points out Penny's project's fatal flaw.