Gallery: Coffee Town HD Captures

I have added over 150 HD captures of Adrianne from her role in Coffee Town, which is available now on Itunes! This movie was definitely worth the wait and the watch, if you have iTunes, I recommend getting the movie.

Gallery Link:
Movies > Coffee Town > HD Movie Captures

New Layout and New Twitter

I have started the complete over haul of the site to get it back up to date (the pages still need a lot of work but one small step at a time!). We have a new layout up here, the header was created by me, but the wonderful Megan allowed me to modify her wordpress coding to go along with it. If you’re looking for a design, I highly recommend her. I really hope everyone likes it as it’s something much softer from what I usually make!

We also have a new twitter account as I can no longer access the old one. Please follow us @APalicki_Fan and if you aren’t already following Adrianne, make sure to follow her @AdriannePalicki. Leave your comments and let me know what you think about the layout!

G.I. Joe: Retaliation Blu-Ray Information

The two releases will be available for purchase online and in stores across the nation on July 30th.

Special Features:
G.I. Joe: Retaliation

  • Feature film in high definition
  • Commentary by director Jon M. Chu and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura
  • Mission Briefing—A look at pre-production, previsualization, storyboards and more.
  • Deployment— As filming begins we take a closer look at the stunts, costumes and more.
  • Two Ninjas—Focus on two G.I. JOE favorites, SNAKE EYES and JINX, and the filming of the Dojo sequence.
  • The Desert Attack—An in-depth look at the filming of this pivotal action sequence.
  • COBRA Strikes—Highlights of the villains featured in the film.
  • The Lone Soldiers—Behind-the-scenes as ROADBLOCK, FLINT and LADY JAYE go on the run.
  • The Monastery—An examination of the Himalayan escape sequence.
  • Fort Sumter—An all-access view of the epic climax.
  • Deleted Scenes

G.I. Joe: Retaliation 3D
The G.I. Joe: Retaliation Blu-ray 3D combo pack includes all of the above, as well as the film in high definition and 3D on a disc presented in 1080p high definition with English 7.1 Dolby TrueHD, French 5.1 Dolby Digital, Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital, Portuguese 5.1 Dolby Digital and English Audio Description and English, English SDH, French, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles.

Video & News: Coffee Time Trailer Debuts

It revolves around three budies who lounge at the titular coffee shop every time they want. One of them, Will who is a website manager, even considers the cafe as his office.

When the owners of the shop discuss plans to convert Coffee Town into a bar, Will fears that he’ll lose his office and a chance to meet a girl whom he has been courting. In an attempt to save his freeloading existence, Will enlists the help of his two best friends Chad and Gino to stage a robbery to create the illusion of an unsafe neighborhood not suitable for the proposed venue.

The comedy film is the first theatrical movie by the famous comedy website, CollegeHumor, and marks Brad Copeland’s directorial debut. Glenn Howerton, Steve Little and Ben Schwartz star as the three best buddies. Adrianne Palicki is cast as Becca, Will’s love interest, and Josh Groban plays a disgruntled barista with delusions of grandeur-he wants to be a rock star.


Dr. Cabbie News

The meter’s officially running on “Dr. Cabbie,” the latest film from “Breakaway” writer/star Vinay Virmani and Quebecois director Jean-Francois Pouliot.

About a young Indian doctor who immigrates to Canada only to discover his degree isn’t recognized, the film stars Virmani as Deepak, who finds another way to put his medical skills to good use: open a mobile clinic out of the back of a cab. And with shooting currently underway in and around Toronto, Moviefone Canada was able to go behind the scenes and visit the set, where we caught up with the cast and crew to uncover more details about the upcoming comedy.

Pouliot was just as excited about his actors, saying, “Adrianne Palicki, never would’ve thought that we would’ve been able to get a star like that. And Rizwan [Manji] and Kunal, I mean, all these guys … they’re comedic machines, they have a sense of timing that’s amazing.”

Fresh off “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” and playing Deepak’s love interest Natalie, it was that comedic element that drew Palicki, who said, “The fact that you just have this really earnest character who’s doing these things that are kind of ridiculous keeps it light and funny. And then you have characters like Kunal’s character, Tony, who’s just an idiot. They just keep you laughing the entire movie.”


The movie is set to release later this year.

And we’re back!

After a long road of bumps and bruises along the way, Adrianne Palicki Fan is back! I still have a ton of work to do on the site, so please bare with me while I get everything back in order.

G.I. Joe Retaliation Trailer

Sorry for taking so long to post this, I was on a personal hiatus. Below you can view the trailer for the new G.I. Joe movie and we get to see Adrianne kicking ass, holding a gun and looking mighty sexy in a red dress.

Elektra Luxx Captures

I’ve added blu-ray captures of Elektra Luxx to the gallery, sorry for the lack of updates. Personal issues have kept me away.

Movies > Elektra Luxx > Screencaptures

Primetime Emmy Awards Pictures.

As promised, I’ve added images of Adrianne from tonight’s Primetime Emmy Awards. Congratulations to Adrianne and the cast of Friday Night Lights for winning in their category! Kyle Chandler also won an award last night. Here are the images I’ve gathered from the event so far.

Appearances and Events > 2011 > 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards

First Look from the Emmys!

Here’s the first look at Adrianne from the Emmys that air tonight, the dress is stunning! Really loving the color on her and the dress is sexy but also classy. Images to follow tonight after the airing of the event!

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