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Legion Screencaps, Stills and more

I found a nice, clear copy of Legion that I have capped and added to the gallery as well as added stills, posters and the wallpaper featuring Adrianne to the gallery. And just to mix things up? I added a promotional poster shoot from Friday Night Lights season 3 to the gallery as well!

Next up is Women in Trouble!

Brand new photoshoot

Thanks to Lisa we now have Adrianne’s newer shoot to the gallery! They’re medium quality but I still love them. I smell a new gallery theme in the near future.

Adrianne Palicki at the Premiere of Legion

Despite the bad reviews of Legion it clinched the number two spot! I saw it and it was very different and I enjoyed it, even if it hadn’t had some of my favorite people in it (Adrianne, Willa, Paul and Kevin) I would have still enjoyed it. I thought the plot was refreshing. You know what else was refreshing? Adrianne on the red carpet at the premiere of Legion. She was absolutely gorgeous with her dark hair and the dress. She had a very classic pinup girl look going on. So, I come baring 94 high quality photos of her from the premiere.

New Photoshoot and 7 Mummies Screencaps.

Thanks to Deko, I have some images from a lovely shoot Adrianne did to promote Legion with Paul Bettany. Also, I finally added screencaps from 7 Mummies. She wasn’t in this movie too terribly long (not to mention it’s a movie I really have no inkling to watch. Ever again. Even for Adrianne) So enjoy this, I’m waiting on some HD caps from her Supernatural appearance from someone so stay tuned for those.

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I also apologize for the lack of updates being done to the site, I’ll make an effort to keep you better informed. I am also working on a new theme for the site as well, as much as I love this one, it’s just not too functional for this site at the moment.

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