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December 17, 2013   Career

A new Wonder Woman may have been cast in Batman Vs. Superman, but it wasn’t all that long ago that Adrianne Palicki was set to play the iconic character in producer David E. Kelley’s NBC pilot about the DC superheroine. As it turned out, however, the show never got past the pilot stage, continuing the Amazon warrior’s unlucky streak on the road to live-action.

I got to chat with former Friday Night Lights star Palicki recently on the set of the revenge action thriller John Wick, in which she costars with Keanu Reeves. We’ll have more on that film soon, but I wanted to break out what Palicki had to say about the experience of (briefly) playing Wonder Woman. Despite obviously being disappointed that the show never happened, the actress seems to really have enjoyed her time with the tiara and golden lasso.

“I got to play Wonder Woman which was, by the way, maybe one of the coolest things ever,” Palicki beams when the topic comes up.

I asked the actress — who, in case you hadn’t noticed, is certainly Amazonian in stature — if she regrets that the Wonder Woman show didn’t move forward.

“I wouldn’t say regret,” she says. “I was devastated when it didn’t go and it was expected to. It was one of those things that was shocking. But in retrospect it was probably a blessing. It would’ve been a really hard thing to shoot. And I got to wear the costume — I should say, I got paid to wear the costume! So not many people get to say that. [laughs] I’m really blessed to have gotten to do that and maybe someday down the line I’ll get to play that character or another awesome icon again.”

And that very well may be. Palicki’s turn as Lady Jaye in the successful G.I. Joe: Retaliation — she says she’ll be back for G.I. Joe 3 by the way — and her ability to handle stunt work means that she frequently gets scripts for similar films.

“I think it’s hard to find females who can do the action stuff and I think that when people see somebody… there are only like three or four [actresses] who are in all that stuff, because it’s like once people see that they can do it, they put them in a lot of things,” she says. “So yes, I definitely get a lot of scripts for action films. Which is awesome, because I love doing it. I love doing my own stunts. I’m one of those crazy people, but it’s a fine line because you don’t want to get pigeonholed. That’s why I try to do comedies or even a little independent film, just to stay above board. To keep it real, and to keep me from getting injured once in a while! I’m 30 and I feel like I’m 57 years old!”

Palicki’s not saying if she has specifically received any superhero scripts lately. But when told of the fan community’s interest in seeing her don a cape or super-suit again, the actress just smiles and says, “I’m waiting for Supergirl.”