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September 8, 2010   Articles, Career

As the fall TV season heats up, here’s a show you’ve just got watch for — FOX’s new primetime soap opera, “Lone Star.”

“Extra” visited the set and talked with the show’s lead, newcomer James Wolk, who plays Robert, a charismatic con man who has meticulously constructed two lives in two different parts of Texas, juggling two identities — and two women.

“He thinks he’s being faithful to both of them, as it weird as it sounds,” explained Wolk about his character. “He’s like this warrior for love.”

Co-star Adrianne Palicki thinks Wolk looks a little like another certain magnetic actor. “I didn’t see the comparison until somebody told me, and now when he does certain things or movements, he reminds me of a younger George Clooney.”

Jon Voight, who plays the resident oil tycoon, is looking forward to the show’s success. “Listen, if we could get half the attention ‘Dallas’ got, it would be wonderful.”

The veteran actor’s only regret with his new TV schedule is the time he is missing with his grandkids. “Even 15 minutes with my grandchildren is a big vacation for me,” he gushed. “They’re very affectionate kids, and they’re very respectful kids.

“Lone Star” premieres Monday, Sept. 20 on FOX.