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June 25, 2009   Career

Smallville: The Covenant
Role: Lindsay Harrison/Kara
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A young woman walks out of the woods naked and uses super-strength to total a car, killing the passengers. She then walks to the Kent Farm and greets Clark by name, introducing herself as “Kara from Krypton.”
She claims to have come from the caves and tells the Kents she’s here to take Kal-El home to answer all his questions. She becomes angry when Jonathan enters the conversation and disappears when Lex arrives.

Kara takes Clark flying to the cave and says that she’s been in the cave since the meteor shower, waiting until the time is right. Clark declines her offer to enter a passage to find out everything. The next day she tells Jonathan that he “broke the covenant” and reveals that in return for the power he received to bring back Clark, he promised to return Clark to his father Jor-El. Clark and Martha are appalled and Jonathan stammers that he didn’t believe it would be so soon. As Loder listens in, Kara senses him and kills him by turning his car and everything in it to dust. Martha is upset that Jonathan made the deal and kept it secret from her.

Jonathan takes a tea cup to Chloe and asks to run Kara’s fingerprints, while Lana arrives at the farm and asks Clark to take her to the airport the next day. She asks him to tell her whatever he has to tell her before she’s gone. She sees Kara and Clark explains that she is his cousin from California.

Back at the farm, Clark is still in anguish over Lex’s betrayal and Lana’s departure. Kara is there to comfort him and tempts him further by claiming that Lara’s love lives on. Clark says that he is ready and they go to the caves to prepare to “leave” by joining hands and opening a fissure in the cave wall. Chloe arrives at the farm and tells Jonathan that the fingerprints belong to Lindsey Harrison, a girl who was killed on the day of the meteor shower.
Jor-El takes control of Clark.

Jonathan arrives at the caves to expose Jor-El’s deception, and Clark refuses to enter the fissure. Jor-El dissipates Kara explaining that she served her purpose. Then he strangles Jonathan with a rope of energy and threatens to kill him if Clark doesn’t agree. Despite Jonathan’s pleas, Clark enters the light and disappears